Win Conditions

Two clans battle for the border between their lands.

In order to win:
Slay the opponent's Chieftain
or occupy Victory Tiles with your units and
gather 30 Victory Points!
Victory Tile

The Chieftain

Every player has a Chieftain that:
- Conquers Tiles
- Hires Units

Chieftains are placed on the far border of your side of the board at the start of the game.
Beware: When your chieftain dies, you lose the game.

Conquering Hiring Units

Conquering Tiles

During the Conquer Phase, the Chieftain can conquer one tile surrounding himself or friendly Archers. The Clan gains one gold at the beginning of Hire Phase I for every currently conquered tile.

Try conquering tiles currently owned by the enemy!

Learn about hiring units More About Tiles

Hiring Units

  1. In Hire Phase I & II, you may hire as many units as your gold allows on tiles currently conquered by you!
  2. During this, you may increase a unit's stats for additional gold.
  3. This will no longer be possible once you have hired the unit!
  4. A freshly hired unit will have summoning sickness for one turn, and can start moving & attacking the following turn.
Unit Abilities Conquering

Unit Abilities

Chieftain & Ranger Ability - Pioneer

Pioneer extends the range of conquerable tiles by all tiles surrounding the unit.

Swordsman Ability - Opportunist

If an Enemy unit moves from a tile adjacent to a unit with opportunist, the Opportunist executes an attack of opportunity on the moving unit.
Attacks of opportunity ignore armor.

Rider Ability - Charge

Charge increases the unit's damage by 1 for every 2 tiles they moved, until end of turn.
Opportunist Image

Combat Phase

With a unit selected, right click on an enemy unit in reach to attack it.


Attack units from their right side or from behind to bypass the enemy's armor!

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Tile Properties

A Tile with a unit standing on it is considered as Occupied.

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